Our main service is designing websites for small businesses. We understand how important it is to have a strong online presence and ensure your potential customers can easily find you. We have lots of tricks up our sleeve when it comes to designing and optimising your website. Each website build is unique and we design with your customer in mind. We care about aesthetics as much as functionality, your website should look great but also serve a clear purpose. 

We also offer monthly or annual hosting packages. We use a premium web hosting platform to ensure your site performs at its best and every website we host comes with an SSL certificate to keep your website safe and secure. Finally, we offer a maintenance package so you can focus on your core business while we take care of housekeeping. This includes weekly checks to ensure everything is running smoothly, updating plugins and making changes and admentments as and when you require. Find out more about each service we offer below or request a quote.

Website Design

When we design and build your website, we do more than just make it look good. Below are some of the key areas we focus on to ensure your website performs to the best of its abilities, attracts the right customer and ultimately helps you grow your business.


We also offer web hosting to help you keep everything in one place. Our super fast and super reliable hosting ensures your website performs with speed and power. Slow load time is one of the biggest reasons visitors leave a website, with Blush, you don't have to worry about that. 

Every site we host includes a free SSL certificate too, this is vital in ensuring your website is secure and is a big trust factor for visitors. You can pay for hosting monthly or for a discounted price you can pay upfront for your plan annually. If required, you can also purchase your domain name through our services.